Lunch with the sexiest man ever:
Tofurkey peppered
Organic Spinach
Whole wheat bread
But the best part

Organic Goddess Dressing
Which made me think, if this amazing feat of awesomeness is made out of goddesses (which is obviously the case because nothing short of mythical could possibly come close to sheer flavor fantasy that is this dressing) how is it considered vegan?

Just a thought…

Just a Thought…


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  1. It sounds delicious. I’m a vegetarian. When I do go out to eat, I’m hope hope hoping that there will be something of equal deliciousness on the menu. If it happens to be the dressing I’ll bite into my salad a lot happier I’m sure. If something else, then I’m thrilled to know that restaurants (here in my neck of the woods) are finally getting the hang of plant-based fare.


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