It wouldn’t and couldn’t be anyone but you.


Before my mind could finish reading over the word, my heart dropped, my eyes grew misty, and your name rang out like a gunshot on a silent night. 

Admiration. That word, of course.   Today, a day I already felt weak, a day my anxiety once again is on high alert, the last thing I need today (or perhaps the exact thing I need, sometimes both end up true), is to be reminded how much of an original you were, and how much of a poorly made copy I often feel like.  Dude, you are so friggin’ cool!  The punk rock queen, and everyone knew it.  You had so much confidence, and understandably so, you were a true specimin of beauty. 


Tasha, she was my rebel girl, probably always will be.  Honestly I have been working on this blog post all day and the only thing else I can come up with is pleading for her to come back and sobbing uncontrollably
Miss you girl








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