Day 1: Everyday Inspiration


Why I write doesn’t make much sense.  And I’m OK with no one else getting it.  I have always felt like I have a story that needs to get out of my head like it is trapped in a jail of thoughts struggling, fighting, begging to be set free.  I guess maybe it does make sense I don’t know.  Since high school I discovered I had a way with words. I learned I could bullshit my way through any test as long as it had an essay of some sort.  I’m pretty sure that’s the only way I passed 10th grade.  I don’t know if I really enjoyed writing at that point though I think the love for writing came much later when I realized I wasn’t constrained to the subject matter thought up by a teacher or professor.  I wrote a little in my mid 20’s mostly bad punk song lyrics that never saw daylight outside my tattered sketchbook carefully tucked away in the bottom of my pack.  Though at that time booze, boys, and freight trains ruled my life.  It wasn’t until my oldest son, Rayne, was born the I discovered the power written word could have.  He was just a tiny tiny baby not more than 3 months old.  I wrote him a letter.  It was meant to give to him on the day he graduated from high school.  When he was big, and strong, a full grown man that I still think of as that tiny tiny baby.  Life got complicated though.  Everything turned upside down.  And looking back on that letter that I wish I held on to when everything else was lost, as I sit in the back of my car watching traffic speed past, I fear I will never see that day.  When he’s a grown man, showing off to his friends, writing his own essays attempting to get into some college far far away from the life he knows.  How I would give anything to have both him and his brother together in my arms and have the world make sense again.  For 3 years I’ve fought to make something of myself, a place I could bring them home to, and for 3 years I have failed miserably.  So why do I write?  There is a story in my heart.  It starts with the birth of a beautiful, screaming baby boy, and it ends… well I guess we will see how it ends.  Although my biggest fear is that it ends in heartbreak.


About CuddleStraps!

I am a 33 yr old non-binary human, called Straps. {They/them are my preferred pronouns} I founded and am a proud core member of Cuddleslut Enterprises, a nonprofit organization dedicated to putting an end to prejudice and all other discriminatory behaviors and help create a world, without borders, that celebrates our individual traits as living beings and embraces the cultures of others rather than looking down on them for perceived differences. Personally, I'm a 33 yr old punk kid that never grew up and lacks any plans to do so in the future. I've been vegan for about a year, holding the strong belief that animals are not to be subservient to humans . I am a human and animal rights activist, believing that other animals have just as many rights as human animals and should not be victims of speciesism because our inability to see them as living creature deserving of love, compassion, and respect. My blog can get political at times, it can almost guarantee to be controversial because I do tend to be vocal about my opinions. However, they are just opinions and in no way shape or form define, decide or influence your personal views unless it provides you with information you previously were unaware of. The only time anyone's opinion should change is when coming to a better understanding to information previously given or given new information that allows the individual to make a more logical, informed decision. Most of the time, this blog will be posts by my friends (other CuddleCore Kids) or myself about random stuff. Could be a music review for a rad local band, could be just a story they wrote, or something that happened during their lifetime that influenced them. I can promise that all posts will be interesting and leave the reader with a different outlook (positive or negative dependent on the individual reader). You can visit us on the web: E-mail me anytime at: call us (mon-fri: 10am til 10 pm PST) at: (916) 399-3363 I'm happy to talk to anyone who would like to learn more about Cuddleslut Enterprises, find out ways to help our current or future campaigns, make a donation or volunteer, or just chit chat with me personally about life. We are available weekends but prefer to set up phone calls during our office hours to make sure we give our callers our complete and undivided attention. If a weekend phone call is necessary, please set up an appointment via email so we may work out a time convienent to all parties. <3 <3 <3 You are never alone, so, never give up, never give in, and never be afriad to be exactly who you are even if it's not liked by all it will be liked by some and quality is much much better than quantity, Love to my warriors! CuddleStraps!

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