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Where are you going?

Where are you going?

So I’m hanging out downtown, minding my own business for the most part. I usually go down there to people watch and eavesdrop on conversations, not that anyone really talks about anything interesting. It’s always some self-absorbed crap; who is sleeping with who, who is dating who’s ex., and other useless gossip.  Does anyone really talk about anything with real substance anymore?  I don’t know, if they do they don’t hang out here.  So yea, I’m downtown drinking some tea at the little overpriced coffee shop that gives people with money a reason to spend it, just observing.  Starting to grow bored with the girl next to me telling her friend all about how Trevor and Amanda are totally screwing because Mandy saw him in the mall and he had a hickey, I start gathering my things and finish my tea.

That’s when he appeared. He didn’t walk up, I would have seen him. He was just sort of there. Read the rest of this entry