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A Plea for Peace; An Open Letter to All

A Plea for Peace; An Open Letter to All

Have you seen that movie “Shallow Hal”, where the dude is a total dick, fat-shaming people, then gets cursed or gains abilities or whatever you may call it, allowing him to see people’s inner beauty rather than seeing their physical appearance? Read the rest of this entry


Lunch with the sexiest man ever:
Tofurkey peppered
Organic Spinach
Whole wheat bread
But the best part

Organic Goddess Dressing
Which made me think, if this amazing feat of awesomeness is made out of goddesses (which is obviously the case because nothing short of mythical could possibly come close to sheer flavor fantasy that is this dressing) how is it considered vegan?

Just a thought…

Just a Thought…

Identifying Identity: An exercise in madness

Identifying Identity:  An exercise in madness

Identity is a pretty interesting concept.  It’s definitely something almost everyone deals with on a daily basis, in one way or another.  We give people we encounter a sort of mental identity, so we might remember them in the future.  We typically show anyone who asks to see it, our government issued ID card or driver’s license.  Identity is all around us, all the time.  Anyone with ambitions to avoid it will end up having to stay indoors.  I hope they don’t see or hear anything, identifiable,that will disturb their dreams.  Oh no!  Steve the mailman just knocked on the door with his usual shave and a haircut knock!  Identity!  No seriously, a person who knows that Steve always has a unique knock would easily identify who was at the door before even looking at it.  Now personal identity, that is some really interesting stuff.  A question that has been asked since the beginning of time, who am I?  Now hopefully you aren’t asking people around you to tell you who you are.  Unless you are literally asking people, in that case, sorry dude bad choice of words?  Let’s assume that no one has amnesia for the rest of this chat, ok?

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