A Plea for Peace; An Open Letter to All

A Plea for Peace; An Open Letter to All

Have you seen that movie “Shallow Hal”, where the dude is a total dick, fat-shaming people, then gets cursed or gains abilities or whatever you may call it, allowing him to see people’s inner beauty rather than seeing their physical appearance?
   Yea, Hal saw all those heavier women as skinny and therefore more desirable according to Hal and his friend’s preferences (Let it be known that as this may be the opinions of the Hollywood executives that made the film, it is most definitely not the opinion of myself or any other members of Cuddleslut Enterprises.)  I am one of those skinny people that Hollywood portrays as desirable but in actuality I’ve learned most people aren’t really interested in that super skinny skeleton look, most prefer a person that has ‘some meat on their bones’.

Since puberty, I have always been extremely thin. Although some will say good for me, I constantly receive criticism, looks of disgust, have been subjected to extreme verbal abuse, and unfortunately even threatened with and experienced physical violence because of my extremely thin figure.  Anytime I try to turn to friends, colleagues or others in my own age range (28-35), I get told they wished they had that problem or actually mock my problem making me feel even worse.  This reaction spirals me into a depression where I try to eat as many fatty foods and gain weight only to be disappointed every time I step on the scale.

The negative reactions have given me a type of social anxiety that would make me think everyone was either talking negatively about me, or staring at me and laughing to their companions about my physical appearance.  There was even a time period during my mid 20’s that being out in public would make me go into panic attacks or faint.  Recently I’ve noticed that horrid social anxiety returning rather severely, leaving me so terribly nervous while out in public that I avoid going anywhere at all.  Obviously this makes holding down a job impossible, puts a monstrous strain on my friendships due to last minute cancelled plans or refusal to make plans at all.  (Award winner in ‘the “oh yes we will stop for coffee soon” but not setting time or place details category’ right here folks!) Even those formerly close, close friends and confidants have been pushed aside because of the long term psychological repercussions these negative remarks and actions have caused.   

Since my mid-teens, I have silently faced this problem.  Many teens face gigantic insecurities due to physical characteristics and I was no different.  I avoided making close friendships, believing they would only choose to mock me because of how thin I am or pass judgement on me for the incredible amount of food I eat without gaining weight.  Still to this day I face these issues, mostly in solitude.  Now however, people have gone so far as to accuse me of being under the influence of narcotics, or scream at me for being a drug addict.  (How would screaming at me help anything even the slightest? And holy shit on a stick, I DO NOT USE DRUGS I’M JUST FUCKING SKINNY!!!!!!)  Seriously, all jokes aside, I am an organic, vegan that refuses to take any sort of over-the-counter chemicals. The fact that anyone would believe I will put some sort of addictive, and more than likely NOT VEGAN, poison into my body is a prime example of the insanity I deal with on a seemingly daily basis.    

***SMH, I’m sure at some point a blog post about the last time this accusation was made will make it’s way to this space and oh boy, you really don’t want to miss that one.  Spoiler Alert:  Expect a huge warning label for the language since it will be very… let’s say colorful in nature.  Seriously though expect a lot of 4 letter words and humor because you gotta laugh all the time to get through all the crazy!*** 

Many will blame this high metabolism on my cruelty-free eating habits not providing my body with the nutrients it needs to sustain my life.  


Please do tell me again how healthy rotten corpses are

Those people are super wrong, but no one tell them, seriously, those type of people don’t listen to anything us plant-eaters have to say anyway.

Ok I seriously gotta say this and if you hate me because of it, oh well! I still love you however, it’s a blog post not a heart attack, don’t take it so seriously!  Who thought playing the constant game of ‘blame the only humans containing so much compassion and overwhelming empathy, they made a conscious decision to survive within the restrictions of a plant-based lifestyle‘ was a fun way of passing the time?  Oh wait I got an answer.  I know it wasn’t us vegans, we were too busy making sure every single person within a 30 mile radius has heard about us being vegan in the last 5 minutes, otherwise our heads will surely explode from all the plant matter releasing extra gases within our digestive system.

How is it vegans have one of the most cruelty-free, humane, and environmentally-sustainable lifestyles but we continuously get blamed for pretty much everything?!?
Dinosaurs all died off? Must be those damn vegans again!
Obama is still in office? blame the vegans! 
Years of grandma’s greasy bacon cheeseburgers caught up to grandpa and he suffered a massive heart attack? Blame the vegans? Wait…  
Seriously, quit blaming us vegans for everything!  It’s rude and it makes us think that you guys are nothing but zombies, feeding on the dead rotting flesh of anything placed in front you.

How about a compromise? I will promise not to tell you all about how the rotting corpse on your plate at supper used to be a living, breathing, feeling creature just as deserving of love, happiness and life as your award-winning chihuahua, Tygra, if you promise to stop blaming vegans for things we had nothing to do with and stop body shaming everyone, not just thicker folks.  Skinny people have emotions I swear, and getting told to “go eat something” or “lay off all the drugs and you will gain weight” is really rude, hurtful and just plain mean!  Oh and BTW once a person decides on a vegan lifestyle, they don’t get any super powers that allow them to control the universe. Vegans do get the super power of saving lives though and that’s a really great feeling.
Thanks for reading,
Your friendly neighborhood skeletal vegan,


CuddleStraps! & Jax


About CuddleStraps!

I am a 33 yr old non-binary human, called Straps. {They/them are my preferred pronouns} I founded and am a proud core member of Cuddleslut Enterprises, a nonprofit organization dedicated to putting an end to prejudice and all other discriminatory behaviors and help create a world, without borders, that celebrates our individual traits as living beings and embraces the cultures of others rather than looking down on them for perceived differences. Personally, I'm a 33 yr old punk kid that never grew up and lacks any plans to do so in the future. I've been vegan for about a year, holding the strong belief that animals are not to be subservient to humans . I am a human and animal rights activist, believing that other animals have just as many rights as human animals and should not be victims of speciesism because our inability to see them as living creature deserving of love, compassion, and respect. My blog can get political at times, it can almost guarantee to be controversial because I do tend to be vocal about my opinions. However, they are just opinions and in no way shape or form define, decide or influence your personal views unless it provides you with information you previously were unaware of. The only time anyone's opinion should change is when coming to a better understanding to information previously given or given new information that allows the individual to make a more logical, informed decision. Most of the time, this blog will be posts by my friends (other CuddleCore Kids) or myself about random stuff. Could be a music review for a rad local band, could be just a story they wrote, or something that happened during their lifetime that influenced them. I can promise that all posts will be interesting and leave the reader with a different outlook (positive or negative dependent on the individual reader). You can visit us on the web: www.cuddleslutenterprises.org E-mail me anytime at: straps@cuddleslutenterprises.org call us (mon-fri: 10am til 10 pm PST) at: (916) 399-3363 I'm happy to talk to anyone who would like to learn more about Cuddleslut Enterprises, find out ways to help our current or future campaigns, make a donation or volunteer, or just chit chat with me personally about life. We are available weekends but prefer to set up phone calls during our office hours to make sure we give our callers our complete and undivided attention. If a weekend phone call is necessary, please set up an appointment via email so we may work out a time convienent to all parties. <3 <3 <3 You are never alone, so, never give up, never give in, and never be afriad to be exactly who you are even if it's not liked by all it will be liked by some and quality is much much better than quantity, Love to my warriors! CuddleStraps!

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